“Do you deeply desire to hold sacred space for yourself and one another, without the quick fix?” 


Do you desire to hold sacred space for yourself and authentically for others, to release trauma and false stories and be embodied to reclaim trapped joy ?

Then this certification is for you!

300 Hour Trauma-Informed Yoga Therapy Certification

 At Grand Rapids Healing Yoga we believe that each person is unique, with a unique history and energy in body, mind, and spirit. Most healing professionals desire to help their clients but are trained in modalities that compartmentalize and superficially treat a person. The healing process we offer is one of exploration of Self and discovery, taking into account the unique nature of the individual. 

Yoga therapy is a complete mind body spirit therapeutic modality, that utilizes all the tools of yoga. This training includes asana, meditation, pranayama, energy healing, koshas, nature-based practices, shadow work, neuroscience, Ayurveda, psychology, and spirituality.


This course provides the tools to guide your clients deep into themselves, to find their own answers for the disconnect within. This training is appropriate for the professional who is tired of scratching the surface with their clients, or who wants to branch out into the emerging field of yoga therapy. We are a member school and continuing education provider for The International Association for Yoga Therapists. 


Yoga is powerful and has been used for good reason for over 10,000 years. In Western cultures, however, the word “yoga” is often used to mean “posture,” and people think of “doing yoga” as “performing yoga poses.” Most certifications and pieces of training spend the majority of the hours on the postures.


But postures are just one component of the yoga. Yoga includes transformational philosophy, energy healing, breathwork, neurobiology and neuropsychology as it applies to yoga practices, self-care, and spirituality. The focus of the training is to give the practitioner tools while working with individuals in a one-to-one setting.

This training will help you:


  • Stand out in a crowded marketplace, by integrating mental-emotional health skills and specializing in a holistic embodiment that is in frequent demand.

  •  Learn to be a Sovern facilitator, with skills such as reading energy in yourself and maintaining center while interacting with another energy, Shadow monitoring, and mirroring.

  • Radically expand your practice by breaking limiting beliefs or barriers to re-connection that have been keeping you “playing small."

  • Gain confidence in your ability to support yourself and clients on and off the therapeutic mat.

  • Experience clarity and deep healing through your own personal journey of self-discovery + shadow work.



Class Schedule and Curriculum


The nature of working with vulnerability and with other humans is life changing and a deep honor. It all begins with a relationship. Any person wanting to take this program will run into their own traumas, fears, and shame. Creating sacred space takes time and commitment. That is why we begin with ourselves. 



Friday, September 18th 9:00am-5pm

Sunday, October  4th 9:00am-4:30pm

Sunday, October 11th 9:00am-4:30pm

Sunday, October 25th  9:00am-4:30pm

Saturday & Sunday  November 14 & 15 9:00am-4:30pm

Friday, November  20th, 9:00am - 5pm

 Sunday, November 29th 9:00am - 4:30pm

Saturday & Sunday, December 12 & 13  9:00am -4:30

Saturday, January 9th 9:00-5:00pm

Sunday, January 24th 9:00-5:00pm

Saturday & Sunday, February 6 & 7 9:00am- 4:30pm

Saturday & Sunday,  March 6 & 7 9:00am- 4:30pm

Friday,  March 19 9:00am- 4:30pm

Sunday, April 18th 9:00am- 4:30pm

Friday,  April 30 1/2 day (Practicums, you will be assigned either morning or afternoon session )

Sunday May, 9th  9:00am- 4:30pm (Graduation)








Be a catalyst for change

Session Breakdowns


Foundations of Yoga Therapy I, II, III

Foundations in Yoga Therapy courses I, II, III are designed to introduce you to the field and modalities of yoga therapy, and how to apply to various health conditions. It involves cultivating your own presence, and to hold sacred space and deeply explore what it takes to move from teacher to healer. Learn how to utilize embodiment, as a sacred source to expand emotional experiences, and to link brain and body physiology to expand the window of tolerance. Through embodiment, you will reclaim joy, potential, and contentment in your own life which will then naturally impact others. Learn anatomical considerations of 26 assisted postures, how to conduct intake and establish an authentic relationship, and the scope of practice of the Yoga Educator. This course includes 16 peer exchanges, 10 practice session with instructor feedback, and two live instructor sessions. 

Yoga Philosophy & Practice

Living in Joyful Awareness 

Yoga is a methodology meant to harmonize and deepen awareness of the physical, psychological and spiritual elements of our being, from the skin to the deepest marrow of presence. In this inquiry, we will dive into the rich Philosophy of Yoga thru the study of the Upanishads, the Yoga Sutras, Jnana Yoga and the importance of Daily Sadhana, with some emphasis on meditation practice thru mantra, sensory awareness, tantra mediation, and silent observation.  Tantra invite us to dive fearlessly into the sensorium of our bodies, feelings, and daily activities in order to awaken joy, deepen connection, and invoke an unguarded embrace toward the whole of life. ​Tantric practices in yoga asana, breathwork, mantra, and mudra.

Therapeutic Trauma-Informed Yoga/Yoga Psychology

In-depth understanding of GRHY Triphasic Model for trauma. Integration of GRHY nine themes to transformation and our own GRACE model. 

  • Trauma Theory and the physiological/ psychological effects of trauma & PTSD

  • How trauma is stored in the body and how to offer somatic, body-based only treatment.

  • Polyvagal theory, the significance of the vagus nerve in trauma, and the role and function that yoga can play in stabilization and grounding.

  • Interoception and embodiment. 

  • Yoga and the nervous system.

  • The impact of empowerment in treatment.

  • Destigmatizing Trauma

Subtle Body for Yoga Therapy

This module will offer students the opportunity to explore allopathic views of the body as they intersect with yogic views of energy and consciousness; to understand the pancamaya kosha model and move through them as layers of form and being, to common obstructions and some yoga and dialogue suggestions for each layer. To understand the chakras, key fascial, marma and nadi pathways and some yoga tools for each area. 

Energy Medicine 

Prana – our life force energy, is one of the most potent ways to reclaim and potentially bring a being into balance. Learn the practices of Pranayama – the techniques and anatomy which utilize the breath for purification and energy cultivation. Learn about the rhythm, flow and moving with the breath, the 5 Vayus, the essential energetic flows in the body. Each one controls some aspect of our health and energy and our awareness. Understand the manifold expressions of Kundalini and Shakti.  Experience the power of silence with the practice of Pratyahara (sense withdrawal) in order to observe subtle shifts within their practice and consciousness. 

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy

Ayurveda is how our mind, body, and spirit are interconnected to nature and the world around us. Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga and focuses primarily on lifestyle practices that support health, balance, and self-transformation.

  • Design dosha balancing asana sequences for different seasons, times of day, and specific ages

  • Use ayurvedic recipes and food and spice combinations to address imbalances and promote health and vitality

  • Create a practical lifestyle plan for yourself and your students based upon specific needs and goals

  • Understand how the practices of yoga are supported by ayurvedic diet and lifestyle principles

Transformational Philosophies 

The Feminine Path of Yoga. The monastic notions of the yoga patriarchy are embedded with fears of the wild and uncontrollable feminine 

dimensions of feeling, emotion, desire, and sacred merging. We may feel calm during and after meditation, but, if left unchallenged, over time these practices can leave us devitalized and pale, with built-in inhibitions towards our wildness, pleasure, sensuality, and joy.  In this training, we will seek to unwind some of the patriarchal teachings of the yoga tradition in favor of a movement and meditation practice that’s truly supportive to a feminine body, psyche, and spirit.

Working with Feminine Archetypes, we will study spiritual maps, stories, and engage in nature-based practices. We will explore Feminine Movement, and work with emotions and intuition.

Meditation for the Feminine Psyche.

Yoni Yoga + Breathing Practices.




Early bird pricing $3200 (Before 6/1/2020)

Payment plan available for an additional fee. 



Raechel Morrow

Teacher and guide into one's natural state of being. She has dedicated 20 years to the embodiment of yoga.  Raechel draws from a multi-disciplinary well of modalities in her teaching. Raechel does not position herself as a "healer", "guru", or "expert" instead, she trusts the inner resiliency and inner knowing inside of each person.


Betsy Rosenbrook

Betsy blends the traditional elements of “talk therapy” with somatic therapies to bring health and wellness to the whole person.  Somatic therapies include mindful movements, targeting areas of the body that may be “stuck” to experience emotional release.  


Christine Sharp

Christine Sharp has been a licensed massage therapist for the last 20 years. Christine has taught advanced courses in anatomy and physiology since 2005. She offers Maya Abdominal Therapy, Naturopathy, Yoga Therapy, and Mind-Body integration. Her mission is to educate wholesome lifestyles in the areas of body, mind & spirit. .


Stephanie Squibb

My spiritual practice includes the immeasurable wisdom of teachers from the spiritual traditions of Ashtanga Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Zen Buddhism, and Theravada Buddhism. I continue to walk on The Path with my current yoga teacher, Peter Marchand. She became a certified teacher in 2002 through the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago, going forward to ordain in this tradition in 2016 as Yogic Priest, called Swami Vasudevyananda.




Susanne Werblow

Kundalini Yoga totally changed my relationship with my body. I started yoga because of my back problems. They quickly disappeared. I also discovered how to better master my mind, stay calm in the face of difficulty. But it’s the work with the flow of energy that was the most impressive for me. Starting every day with my early morning practice is the best gift to myself! It just gets me through the day with so much more energy, balance, and grace.

After training at Spirit Rising Yoga in Chicago with two of Yogi Bhajan’s direct students, I started teaching Kundalini Yoga in Grand Rapids in 2013. What drives me as a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor is sharing these treasures of teachings and helping students get sufficiently knowledgeable and confident to start their own home practice. 

535 Greenwood Ave. Suite 200 East Grand Rapids, 49506​


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