September 28, 2017

Jessica Gladden has been a social worker since graduating Grand Valley with her MSW in 2003. She has worked primarily with trauma survivors and noticed the importance of body work in addition to traditional talk therapy in this role. Jessica first came to yoga while st...

September 18, 2017

Does a guilty or shameful feeling ever bubble up inside you at the words ‘self-care?’ I often ask my clients about their relationship with self-care. What usually follows is a glassed-over look as the quiet word ‘nothing’ whispers from their lips. Guilt and shame are s...

September 11, 2017

Self-acceptance is an individual's satisfaction or happiness with oneself. It allows you to feel good about being who you are – even with your failures, flaws, and mistakes. Self-acceptance is an essential part of good emotional health and allows you to simply enjoy be...

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