October 27, 2017

You may have come to this site looking for healing. Congratulations, you have come to an excellent place for this! At Grand Rapids Healing Yoga, we specialize in guiding people to their own inner healing from a variety of issues such as trauma, anxiety, grief, and depr...

Coming home in my body,  my container, my temple.  This is where I house my soul, my spirit.  This is where I can connect to my human experience.

In my body, I experience scents, colors, sounds, texture, sensation, taste, warmth and cold.  In my body, I c...

In one of my past lives, as I like to refer to the time before I was a mom of three spunky, bright, crazy, perfectly imperfect kids, I was starting out my career as a social worker just out of college.  I bought a beautiful, calligraphic piece of art from Spirit Dreams...

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