Trauma-Informed Yoga and Healing Therapies

At Grand Rapids Healing Yoga, we provide yoga therapy and yoga education. Our services are for people that are serious about meaningful change in their own lives and making an inclusive, impactful change in the world.


We combine Hatha Yoga with the latest developments in neuroscience to create therapeutic, trauma-informed yoga programs rooted in embodiment and empowerment.  We offer therapeutic yoga therapy, workshops, and training. We have developed Therapeutic Trauma-Informed Yoga. Grand Rapids Healing Yoga and our not-for-profit The Body, Mind, Being Project have positively impacted thousands of individuals in greater Grand Rapids. 


We serve as a witness along one's unique journey. Creating a safe and sacred internal space where the student and client can remember their own innate healing ability. To move towards the trauma or narrative and remember and reclaim what has always been there.


"We all look to external sources to heal and guide us, however, somewhere deep inside we know that we must stop the "doing" the "seeking", and just be. Reconnect and reclaim with ourselves, and listen to our own inner voice." - Raechel Morrow, Grand Rapids Healing Yoga Founder, and President

Yoga Education

The GRHY Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training Program provides a comprehensive education in Hatha yoga teaching, which includes all eight limbs of yoga and with the latest advances in neuroscience.  It is accredited by Yoga Alliance, and our school is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT). 

Yoga Therapy

We offer somatic therapy founded in embodiment. During a  yoga therapy session, we use your body as a source of awareness and tap into your body's wisdom. When we practice focusing our attention on the breath and internal bodily sensations, it helps us to feel less "stuck" and healing can happen.


"Before my Yoga sessions for Trauma, I had personal patterns which hindered my emotional and spiritual gr

"Through my sessions with Raechel, I have been able to reclaim and live in my authentic nature. I have reclaimed my body and now through practice know how to care for it.  I have received physical, emotional, and spiritual healing more than I ever thought possible. At first, I thought this was "yoga"  you found in a studio and did not know how it would help me. However, Raechel was recommended by my therapist, and I learned that my body knows all and holds all of my past which is why I needed to heal with my body too.  Raechel has shared  how the brain reacts to traumatic experiences which this knowledge has supported my healing."


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We want to hear from you!


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