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Embracing Your Inner Goddess

There is often a negative misunderstanding around the word Goddess. Some misconstrue a Goddess as Pagan, Demonic, sex-crazed, and flaky. A Goddess can be oppressed appearing only as a tall, buxom, flowing-hair woman without make- up and dressed only in lingerie.

The reality is, a Goddess is deeply intelligent and intuitive, while inspiring creativity, enthusiasm, and courage. She is beautiful, radiant, and proud. A Goddess expresses her needs, feelings, and inner desires while taking care of herself and the earth.

Here are five practices of a true Goddess…

Goddesses practice self-love and self-care.

Be compassionate with yourself.

Be mindful of the language you use with yourself.

Listen to “ought or should” language. Never put yourself down.

Take care of your body—not for others, but to live out your Dharma, or your character.

Get plenty of rest, practice pranayama (breathing techniques) to keep your life force strong.

Nourish you skin with oils and drinking plenty of water.

Consume as many fresh fruits and vegetables throughout your day.

Goddesses find and live their true selves.

This is not just chanting “OM” and taking a weekly hot yoga class.

Face your fears. Find the courage to liberate yourself from oppression and the patterns that keep you in fear. Work tirelessly to eradicate oppression from your consciousness and for others.

Goddesses embrace their sexuality.

Grow your pubic hair wild and free… Just Kidding! But enjoy your body just as it is now. Stop believing your body needs to look different before you can enjoy it.

Enjoy pleasure in all forms with-out guilt or shame.

See your sexuality as a strength and asset to creativity and power. Awareness of ones sexually liberates and brings the Goddess out of her head to be able to live more intuitively in her body.

Goddesses support each other.

Goddesses support and empower each other. They do not feel threatened.

Live consciously. Make daily decisions with awareness of their real values and the consequences.

In other words: live responsibly and do not act on impulse or emotion.

Goddesses do not worry about what others think

This is often the most challenging—to realize that by living our truth, we may be judged and ridiculed. But we must be honest with ourselves and others, and let go of the idea of what others think we should or should not be.

About the Author:

Raechel Morrow, founder of Grand Rapids Healing Yoga, holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, is a certified Yoga Therapist, Holistic Health Care Practitioner and certified in Trauma Sensitive Yoga through The Trauma Center at JRI. She works with victims of domestic and sexual violence. She offers private yoga therapy and group yoga classes. She uses the tools of somatic experiencing in connecting the body along with licensed therapist in treating eating disorders and body image issues, depression, anxiety and trauma. She offers routine training's in trauma informed practices and private yoga therapy. For more information on private sessions or group classes please visit

535 Greenwood Ave. Suite 200 East Grand Rapids, 49506​


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