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Welcome Jessica Gladden!

Jessica Gladden has been a social worker since graduating Grand Valley with her MSW in 2003. She has worked primarily with trauma survivors and noticed the importance of body work in addition to traditional talk therapy in this role. Jessica first came to yoga while studying Spanish in El Salvador on a semester abroad in her MSW program. Taking yoga for the first time in a foreign language can be quite an experience!

Jessica has worked as a social worker in many different areas, including with trauma survivors, refugees, and with adults with severe mental health diagnoses. In 2012, she completed her Ph.D. in social work at Michigan State University in order to better serve those with a trauma background. Jessica primarily teaches yin and gentle or restorative yoga classes, with a focus on connecting the mind and body for inner healing. She is a part of Two Trees Yoga with her partner, Matt Jarrells. She is currently taking her second yoga teacher training with Grand Rapids Healing Yoga to continue to bring yoga to those with a need for healing from past experiences in both individual and class formats. She is excited to be a part of Grand Rapids Healing Yoga in multiple capacities.

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535 Greenwood Ave. Suite 200 East Grand Rapids, 49506​


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