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Coming Home in My Body

Coming home in my body, my container, my temple. This is where I house my soul, my spirit. This is where I can connect to my human experience.

In my body, I experience scents, colors, sounds, texture, sensation, taste, warmth and cold. In my body, I can feel a hug, I can taste a pear, I can hear a symphony.

In my body, with my lips and with my voice, I can share my story, my experiences, my sadness, my joy with the person next to me. In my body, with my ears, I can hear your story. In my body, I can sense your warmth, your kindness. And my own. I can feel connected. To you. To myself.

To everything.

Without this connection to my body, I’m in my head. Abstract ideas, plans, worries, and wishes. Without this connection, I can’t tell you my story and I can’t hear yours. Without this connection I can’t hear you tell me I’m not alone. I can’t feel your hug reminding me I’m loved. I can’t feel and I can’t know my full experience of being a human.

So I practice. I practice being in my body, feeling my breath, accepting my feelings and finding compassion for myself. I practice finding connection to my home, my container, my temple. I practice so I can be gentle and loving to my soul. And to yours.

Betsy Rosenbrook is a licensed social worker and registered yoga instructor. She works to blend the ancient wisdom and healing power of yoga with more modern therapeutic modalities. Betsy believes that everyone is whole, no one is broken or needs to be fixed. Her goal is for her clients to feel accepted as they are and empowered to become their most truest, genuine version of themselves. Join Betsy this November in a class series called G.R.A.C.E. where mindful movement, breath techniques, self-compassion, meditation, and other mindfulness exercises are employed to find home within your own body.

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