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August 3, 2018

In our busy lives, we’re often pressured to identify with our minds -- our thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, labels. These things usually belong to our past or the future, making it hard to notice what’s present right now. Our bodies hold this, turning it into discomfort, dis-ease, or just the feeling that there’s something more.


In yoga therapy sessions, I help you release what no longer serves and come home to what does. Through guided questions, meditation, and other support, we begin moment-by-moment and breath-by-breath. We listen to your body as it opens up the way home. We move toward yoga postures that are gentle, supportive and adapted to you. Each session is unique, but they have a common root: when you practice yoga as therapy, you are not “doing” yoga but instead receiving yoga.


In that spirit, I take great care in how I hold space for you. Experience with the particular practices (yoga, meditation) is not required, and everything can be adapted for different body types, emotions, and sensitivity toward past traumas. I will help you prepare your heart, practice with your body, and receive whatever comes with compassion.


I come to Grand Rapids Healing Yoga after almost 20 years of personal practice and training. I completed Prairie Yoga’s Teacher Training program in 2013 and have since trained in chair yoga, trauma-informed yoga therapy, and meditation. I’m a registered Yoga Teacher through Yoga Alliance and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists.


To arrange an appointment with Kathy please email her at:


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