The Shadow: Erridicate Shame



Saturday, February 8th 

9:00am - 1:00pm


With Raechel Morrow

The parts in our subconscious that we cannot see. When we cut off parts of ourselves, we cannot be wholly authentic beings. Free yourself by discovering your dark side and learning to accept all of yourself. To lead and own the totality of our true self. Learn the acceptance from all the facets of our psyche and eradicate shame.


We all have parts of ourselves that we don’t accept, are ashamed of, or hide from the world. In this hiding, we hold ourselves back from stepping into our radiance. Some ways this could manifest are anxiety, fear of being seen or known, not being paid what you are worth, hating yourself for not being perfect, having unrealistic expectations of yourself and others, and many other unpleasant thoughts and feelings we live with daily. When we cut off parts of ourselves, we cannot be wholly authentic beings. Free yourself by discovering your dark side and learning to love all of yourself.

Prepare for embodiment, journaling, support, and meditation





The Wellness Collective

1324 Lake Dr.

Grand Rapids, MI 49506


Thursday, February 7th- March  14th

6 :00 p.m.- 7:30 p.m.


Discover the power of GRACE, our empowering and foundational system for healing through therapeutic trauma-sensitive yoga. This model invites you to explore a relationship with yourself through grounding, reconnection, awareness, compassion, and empowerment. The body itself contains and manifests much of the suffering- shame, self-hatred, and pain. In that respect, at Grand Rapids Healing Yoga, we begin the healing within the context of the body. Experience embodied movement, breath work, discernment, and befriending your body. GRACE stands for: 


Grounding - body strength and awareness.

Reconnect -  cultivate clear and authentic inner guidance.

Awareness - learn how to have present moment experiences.

Compassion - deepen your ability to love yourself and others.

Empowerment - live life from a deeply rooted sense of power.

Each of the core values of GRACE is highlighted through this six-week yoga series, using yoga as the vehicle through which GRACE is discovered and practiced. Each class will focus on one of these pillars, learning to apply what is practiced on the mat in all of life. Resources are provided to encourage work off the mat as well.


This course is specific to females at this time. No previous yoga experience is required - just a willing spirit and an open mind!




"GRACE Yoga was absolutely the most perfect yoga class for me.  I was recovering from a concussion and on exercise restrictions.  I also needed to take time for ME and give myself the GRACE to heal.   Betsy lead the class with such compassion.  Here I was able to do some soul searching, open up my heart and make space for healing."



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We want to hear from you!

535 Greenwood Ave. Suite 200 East Grand Rapids, 49506​


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